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The show this year offers eight different styles of a dream house. [Photo provided to]

Ideal Home Show and Couture Homes, the world"s oldest and biggest consumer exhibition, concluded on March 17 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

The show, which started on March 14, featured nearly 500 companies that displayed 20,000 types of products related to furniture, food, technology, fashion, parenting and fitness. Nearly 100 key opinion leaders were invited to engage with visitors through more than 200 onsite activities.

"Originating in the UK, the Ideal Home Show has grown to become a popular consumer staple spanning across generations of Britons," said John Edwards, Shanghai British Consul-General.

"Having the show in Shanghai provides a cultural bridge, bringing together global cultural trends with Shanghai"s dynamism and style to foster cultural and trade links."

Mike Dynan, managing director of Media 10, the organizer of the event, said: "I believe the high-quality products on display at the show from all over the world will impress the consumers. I also hope that the fantastic booth designs and rich onsite interactive activities will help further convey the message of modern home lifestyle to Chinese consumers."

At the Ideal Home Show 2019, JD, one of China"s largest retailer, formed a strategic partnership with Media 10. Together, the two parties launched the Ideal Home Show Flagship Store on

"Chinese consumers continue to demand high quality home and life products, and an optimal shopping experience," said Sam Wang, Head of Home and Life at JD Retail. "By cooperating with the Ideal Home Show, we expect to bring more quality domestic and international brands to China"s discerning consumers to make their lives easier and more convenient."

Tang Xiaofan contributed to this story.

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